Hadar Orkibi

Investor and coach
My Biography

With two decades of full-time Real Estate experience, Hadar specializes in long-distance, out-of-area, and out of the country investing and is an asset manager with MFIHolding

Hadar’s portfolios include Multi-Family apartments, and triple net Commercial Real Estate in NZ and the United States, allowing him to exit the rat race with passive income and live a lifestyle by design with his family. Over the years, Hadar implemented different strategies, which include wholesaling, house flipping, subdivision, new construction, commercial real estate, joint ventures, and multifamily investing with a focus on Apartment Buildings that have value-add upside potential.

Hadar enjoys helping both seasoned and beginner real estate investors reach their wealth, income, and portfolio goals through multifamily real estate. Hadar is a coach with Jake & Gino and a co-founder and coach with the USA Multi-Family Investing Mastermind group, MIH Mastermind